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<strong>Biloela</strong> (/ b ɪ l oʊ ˈ iː l ə / BIL-oh-EE-lə) is a rural town and locality in Shire of Banana, Central Queensland, Australia.It is situated 120 kilometres (75 mi) inland from the port city of Gladstone at the junction of the Burnett and Dawson highways. <strong>Biloela</strong> is the administrative centre of Banana Shire, which has an area of 15,729 square kilometres (6,073 sq mi).

The Queensland Heritage Park complex in Biloela, Central Queensland, represents a celebration of the nation’s glorious past and the pioneering spirit of Australians. Through a remarkable range of exhibits, the Queensland Heritage Park provides an insight into the past for present and future generations. The restored vintage church View Experience

<strong>VISIT</strong> FLY CORPORATE. Catching the bus to <strong>Biloela</strong>. BusQLD offer <strong>Biloela</strong> to Rockhampton; <strong>Biloela</strong> to Brisbane services on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Callide Coaches offers a service between <strong>Biloela</strong> and Gladstone on Monday and Wednesday and <strong>Biloela</strong> and Maryborough on Wednesdays and Fridays,. Please call 1300 790 599, bookings essential.

Biloela identifies as a satellite town to Gladstone, with its world class Port; Harbour and recreational facilities, just 1hr and 20 minutes by road from Biloela. Stage 2 of the Raedon Street Industrial Park is available for sale NOW. Housing for employees is readily available both in sales of established homes and plentiful developed urban land.

Biloela is a prosperous rural service centre with a population of over 6,000 which lies where the Dawson and Burnett Highways meet. The town's economy is driven by pastoral and agricultural enterprises and by the local coalmines which power the Callide Power Station.

Apr 28, 2022 · Biloela Tourist Information Centre 6 Visitor Centers By H6707XElauram There were also a variety of souvenirs on display for purchase. You are also able to get lunch there if needed and... 5. Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery 2 Art Galleries 6. Kroombit Dam 3 Dams 7. Little Market Co. 4 Farmers Markets By Q3875DTmels

May 10, 2021 · The 'Biloela family' The Murugappans are a family of four: mother Priya, father Nades, Kopi, and her three-year-old sister Tharnicaa. They are Australia's most famous asylum seekers, but …

Jun 18, 2021 · The couple married in 2014 and moved to Biloela, a country town in Queensland, known to locals as Bilo, with a long history of welcoming immigrants …

The Biloela family. Do you know the facts? Our Biloela Family: The Facts 1. Priya and Nades came to Australia legally Priya and Nades came to Australia legally under international laws that give us all the right to seek safety from persecution, no matter how we arrive.

ABOUT THIS WEBSITE. We are members of the community who identified a need for a website with up to date information about local support services and events related to mental health within <strong>Biloela</strong>. We hope you benefit from using this resource and that it helps you or a loved one in some way.

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